American Bulldog Breeder

Beautiful Sunset from our kennels in Texas

BullWyn's  American Bulldog Kennel

We used to breed, show, and import Rottweilers from Germany about 9 years ago, then moved to the big city of Dallas Texas and wished we were back on our ranch, with our dogs.  After severals years, we couldn't stand the fast paced big city and decided to purchase some more land, where we could once again have several dogs.  We found the most beautiful 60 acres with a running creek, ponds, lots of trees, and privacy and then we  found American Bulldogs.. We liked the American Bulldog breed, because they are so versatile.  They are a loving family pet, great with kids and other animals, but yet will also protect the family if needed.  American Bulldogs are great at all working sports; such as Schutzhund, weight pulling, hunting, as well as showing and agility events.

We take great pride in our American Bulldogs and make sure they are well taken care of and when you buy a puppy from BullWynns you can be sure you are getting a healthy American Bulldog puppy.  Our dogs have to have good temperments, because they play with our grandchildren.  They love the flirt pole, balls, and rags.

At BullWyns, we strive to breed for the ultimate American Bulldog.  We want a larger size bulldog that is beautiful as well as functional.  We use American bulldogs with top bloodlines, correct structure, no disqualifying faults, lots of color, heavy bone, larger size, males with large heads and wide chest, great temperments, and superior intelligence.

We are breeding for a consistent 120lb American bulldog that can work, play, protect, and be the best companion that you have ever had.
   We have bulldog puppies occasionally...